I believe each of us remembers his/her first cellphone.

Mine was a Nokia 1610, and this was some time ago, back in 1998. I got the cheapest service contract (20 $); nevertheless, at the time it meant a huge amount of money for me, a high-school student. Therefore, I gave the phone to my father and I felt relieved, as I had got rid of the burden of the telephone bills. Nobody called me anyway, it was far too expensive to do it, and I didn’t have many friends with a cellphone either. Even today my father still has the same telephone number :-)

Now, getting back to our times, I could say that everything started in the autumn of 2017, on a Sunday morning, in the flea market from Lovrin, Timis county.

I used to wander every week through the flea markets and to buy all kinds of odds and ends. So, as I’ve mentioned before, I was in Lovrin, in the flea market, it was early in the morning, and I was rummaging through some Gypsy’s merchandise, when I found a Nokia 1610 in mint condition.

It reminded me of my first cellphone, so I paid 5 lei ( 1.25 $), and all of a sudden I got the idea that I could collect all the existing Nokia models. After a year, more or less, I already had in my collection over 300 Nokia cellphones; meanwhile, slowly but surely, I developed a passion for the Sony Ericsson, too, so I decided I had to have all the Sony Ericsson models – but also any cellphone I happened to like. As a result, I managed to have a collection containing a few hundred cellphones: Sony, Ericsson, Motorola, Sanyo, Siemens, Samsung. At the present moment my collection contains some 1500 different cellphones, and a few hundred duplicates.




Cred ca fiecare isi aminteste primul lui telefon mobil.

La mine a fost un Nokia 1610 si se intampla candva prin anul 1998. Am facut cel mai mic abonament posibil (20$), numai ca, fiind elev, pentru mine era o suma imensa. Prin urmare, dupa aproximativ 3 luni de contract, i-am dat telefonul tatalui meu si am rasuflat usurat ca am scapat de povara facturilor. Oricum, nu ma suna nimeni pe el, pentru ca era foarte scump, iar prieteni cu telefon mobil nu prea aveam. Tatal meu are si azi acelasi numar de telefon J

Acum, revenind mai inspre zilele noastre, pot sa zic ca totul a inceput cam prin toamna lui 2017, intr-o dimineata de duminica, la piata din Lovrin, judetul Timis…

Obisnuiam sa cutreier saptamanal pietele de vechituri, de unde cumparam diverse lucruri. Dupa cum am zis si mai sus, eram in piata din Lovrin, era dimineata devreme si, cum cotrobaiam prin marfa unui tigan, am dat peste un Nokia 1610 in stare impecabila.

Mi-am amintit de primul meu telefon mobil, am platit 5 lei (1.25 $) si mi-a venit pe loc ideea ca as putea sa colectionez toate modelele Nokia existente. In aproximativ un an de zile aveam deja in colectie peste 300 de telefoane Nokia, dar, incet-incet, m-am indragostit si de Sony Ericsson, asa ca am decis ca trebuie sa am si toate modelele Sony Ericsson, Sony, dar si orice alt telefon care imi place. Asa am ajuns sa am in colectie cateva sute de telefoane Sony, Ericsson, Motorola, Sanyo, Siemens, Samsung. In momentul de fata colectia are in jur de 1500 de telefoane diferite, plus cateva sute de dubluri.