Ergonomic Design

  • 95×65 black and white display with white backlight
  • Small and lightweight (83 g)
  • Easy to use interface with 2-way scroll and 2 soft keys
  • Integrated flashlight to light the darkest corners

Call Management

  • CDMA800
  • Last number redial from dialed calls list (dial-key brings out the dialed calls list) for quick recall
  • Speed dialing for 9 preset names using keys 2-9, so important numbers can be dialed quickly
  • Automatic redial for a maximum of 10 attempts
  • Don’t miss out on any calls with functions like call waiting, call hold and call divert. Plus, keep track of your call durations with call timer

Convenient Messaging Features

  • Predictive text input for easy data entry
  • User-changeable text size options to enable you to see more lines of text while composing an SMS
  • Use SMS distribution list for easy sending of messages to multiple recipients
  • SMS and picture messaging allow sending of graphics with text to other compatible phones
  • Templates for quick and easy sending of pre-defined messages
Voice Features
  • Use voice command to quickly activate specific functions without the hassle of pressing several buttons
  • With voice dialing, simply say the name of the person you’d like to call and you’ll be connected to them in an instant
  • Memo recorder with 180 seconds of recording time acts as an electronic diary/notebook
  • Use the internal handsfree speaker to conduct a conference call so you can talk to several people at the same time
Have Fun & Personalize Your Phone
  • Insert your favorite photos in the picture frame on the back cover of your phone
  • Personalize your phone with the 16-chord polyphonic ringing tones (MIDI)
  • Express your individuality with changeable Xpress-On color covers
  • Preloaded games like Snake II, Kart Racing and Space Impact II
A Life More Organized
  • Organize your life with monthly calendar, notes and reminders
  • Store up to 250 entries in your phonebook
  • Built-in alarm to remind you of all your important appointments throughout the day
  • Volume: 69 cc
  • Weight: 83 g
  • Length: 102.4 mm
  • Width: 42.2 mm
  • Thickness: 21.5 mm
Power Management
Battery Performance Talktime Standby Time
BL-5C Up to 3.5 hrs – 4.5 hrs 111 hrs – 169 hrs

Nokia 2112 CDMA - 2004

22 aprilie 2021