Phone Features

  • Downloadable personal applications via Java™ technology
  • WAP 1.1 Browser, WAP Push
  • Customizable and downloadable profiles
  • Full display screensavers; animated 3D screensavers
  • Clock, alarm clock
  • Stopwatch, countdown timer
  • Calculator, currency converter from idle mode
  • Reminders (10 notes)
  • 5 games; games download (via WAP); extra game levels can be downloaded using WAP from Club Nokia; high score sending to Club Nokia

Full Specifications


  • Weight: 114 g (battery included)
  • Dimensions: 115 x 49 x 22.5 mm, 100 cc


  • High-resolution, illuminated, full-graphics display
  • Dynamic display layout, adjusts automatically for optimal viewing
  • Up to 4 lines for text, numbers, and graphics

Memory Functions

  • Phonebook: 200 names internal phonebook, up to 250 memory locations in SIM card (the actual number of memory locations in the SIM is SIM specific)


  • Text messaging: Concatenated SMS, send and receive messages up to 459 characters long in one message
  • Predictive text input: For over 10 languages; support for major European languages
  • Templates: Quick and easy sending of predefined messages
  • Smileys for SMS: Editable, predefined
  • Picture messaging: Allows sending text together with a picture (7 predefined + 1 empty, all replaceable)
  • Mobile Chat: Supports Chat based on standard SMS; all previous written messages from both persons visible on screen; Chat messages not saved on SIM card


  • Space Impact
  • Bantumi
  • Snake II
  • Bumper
  • Link5
  • One preloaded and erasable Java™ game

Ringing Tones

  • 35 fixed and 7 variable tones (for composed or downloaded ringing tones)

Call Management

  • One key calling: For up to 9 names (1 is always voice mail)
  • Last number redial from dialed calls list (dial key brings out the dialed calls list)
  • Automatic redial (max 10 attempts)
  • Automatic answer (works with headset or car kit only)
  • Emergency calls 112 (number operates in specific countries only) without SIM-card and with key locked phone
  • Various speed dialing methods
  • Call waiting, call hold, and conference call
  • Automatic and manual network selection
  • Closed user group
  • Fixed dialing number allows calls only to predefined numbers

Dual Band Operation

  • GSM 900, GSM 1800, and GSM 900/1800 dual-band networks in Europe, Africa, and Asia; automatic switching between bands

Nokia 3410 - 2002

04 septembrie 2019