Launching description

The Nokia 350 is one of the smallest and lightest NMT 450 phone available today. At only 265 grams, the Nokia 350 is loaded with features that make it one of the most versatile portable phone for professional users in the NMT 450i network. It’s shape follows Nokia’s famous soft design lines and features a five-row display – the largest on any NMT phone.

The phone is designed to make the most of the network’s capabilities. The new Nokia 350 has an improved capability to search for the best base station in a weak field, making it the most reliable choice for uninterrupted mobile connections anywhere in the network. The advanced power management system allows for optimized power consumption. Up to 3 hours of talk time or as much as 90 hours of standby time can be achieved with the battery save function. An optional vibrating battery is also available. In addition to a complete range of accessories available for the Nokia 350, which are equally compatible with Nokia’s GSM digital phones, Nokia provides the first external booster (7W) for NMT 450. This enables full mobile coverage, no matter what the situation.

Recommended for

  • Professional users in the NMT 450i network


  • Ideal for enjoying all network services, including PC fax and data
  • Large and clear display ensures ease of use
  • Language options selectable from menu
  • Complete range of accessories, including a vibrating battery and the first external signal booster for NMT 450
  • Low power consumption, long talk times

Key specifications

  • Weight 265 g with a standard battery
  • Size: 169 mm x 56 mm x 23 mm
  • Talk time up to 3 h
  • Standby up to 90 h with battery save function



Nokia 350 - 1995

09 iulie 2021