Simple to learn. Easy to use. Talk for hours.Quickly change your color covers.

The Nokia 5120 is a small, lightweight phone with great talk and standby time that’s packed with fantastic, simple-to-learn features. The NaviTM Key provides quick, one-button access to features on a large, easy-to-read five-line screen. Xpress-onTM vibrant colored covers — such as Gecko Green and Bermuda Blue — are simple for you to change, combined with a large selection of ring tones that allow you to personalize your phone. Digital technology provides enhanced sound quality and call privacy.

Long-lasting, Lightweight and small

  • 2 to 3 hours of talk time with standard battery
  • 4 to 8 days of standby time with standard battery
  • Weighs less than 6 ounces with standard battery
  • Size : 132 x 48 x 31 mm
  • Weight : 137 g
  • Smooth ergonomic design, fits perfectly in your hand.


  • One-button NaviTM Key guides you
  • On-screen help
  • Large backlit screen

Fully Featured

  • Phone book will store up to 100 names and numbers
  • 3 entertaining games
  • Clock with alarm
  • Your phone is also a pager
  • Versatile range of accessories for home, office and auto
  • Auto redial
  • Caller ID
  • Clock with alarm
  • Cordless extension to your desk phone
  • Dialed, received, missed calls
  • Keypad lock
  • Numeric paging capability
  • On-screen battery indicator
  • One-touch credit card dialing
  • Phone book
  • Short message service
  • Voicemail capability


  • 30 Distinctive ring tones
  • Xpress-on™ color covers available
  • 5100 Screensaver


  • TDMA 800/Analog
  • Seamless transfer between analog and digital service with DualMode operation
  • Sold by:BellSouth Mobility, Cellular One, Southwestern Bell Wireless, US Cellular and others.

Power management

5120 Talk Time Standby Time
Battery Type Analog Digital Analog Digital
Extended Li-lon Battery (BLS-2N) up to1h–1h 50m up to2h–3h 15m up to30–50h up to100–200h
Ultra Extended Li-lon Battery (BLS-4) up to1h 35m–2h 50m up to3h 10m–5h 10m up to50–83h up to170–335h
Extended NiMH Battery (BMS-2S) up to1h–1h 50m up to2h–3h 15m up to30–50h up to100–200h
Extended NiMH Vibra Battery (BMS-2V) up to1h–1h 50m up to2h–3h 15m up to30–50h up to100–200h
Ultra Slim Li-Polymer Battery (BPS-1) up to40m-1h15m up to1h20m-2h10m up to20h-33h up to60h-132h

Nokia 5120A - 1998

04 septembrie 2019