• Weight: 92 g
  • Dimensions: 105.5 x 47.5 x 22.5 mm, 83 cc


  • High resolution, illuminated, full-graphics display
  • Dynamic display layout which adjusts automatically for the best viewing
  • Up to 4 lines for text, numbers, graphics

Language Options

  • Supports major European and Asian languages.
  • Available languages in phones are country dependant (language pack)

Memory Functions

  • Phonebook: 250 names of 20 characters and phone numbers of 30 digits in phone, 250 supported in SIM (the actual number of memory locations in SIM is SIM specific)
  • Calendar notes: 100 Calendar notes, repeated calendar notes


  • Text messaging: concatenated SMS, send and receive message up to 459 characters in one message i.e. 3 times as long message as usual
  • Predictive text input
  • Message template: editable, predefined
  • Smileys for SMS: editable, predefined
  • Picture messaging: allows sending text together with a picture (10 predefined + 1 empty, all replaceable)
  • Chat messaging


  • Snake II
  • Space Impact
  • Pairs II
  • Bumper
  • Bantumi

Ringing Tones

  • 35 fixed and 7 variable tones (for composed or downloaded ringing tones)
  • Vibrate then ring option

Call Management

  • Speed dialing: for up to 9 names (1 is always voice mail)
  • Various speed dialling methods
  • Voice dialing: 10 names
  • 20 last number redial from dialed calls list (Dial-key brings out the dialed calls list)
  • Automatic redial (max 10 attempts)
  • Anykey answer
  • Automatic answer (works with headset or car kit only)
  • Conference calling
  • Call waiting, call hold, call divert, call timer
  • Automatic and manual network selection
  • Closed User Group
  • Fixed Dialing Number, allows calls only to predefined numbers
  • Silent & Reject for Incoming call, Silent mutes the ringing tone of an incoming call

Phone Features

  • WAP 1.1
  • Customizable profiles
    • Full display Profile logos (6 pictures), incl. Digital clock animation
    • Animated or Still graphics, which can be (OTA) downloaded via WAP or SMS.
  • Automatic keyguard (time delay end-user selectable) and security code to open the phone
  • Stopwatch with Split and Lap timings and with an option to save results in Calendar and view, Stopwatch icon in calendar
  • Countdown timer with two different options: Normal timer and Interval timer
  • Thermometer, measures the current temperature in Celsius and in Fahrenheit
  • Picture Editor with Clip Arts (6 sets): create new or edit new picture of any predefined or downloaded pictures by adding picture of clip art sets, by drawing new, by changing color (black or white) or by using any predefined options
  • Clock
  • Alarm clock
  • Calculator
  • NITZ (Network depending)
  • Calendar (100 Calendar notes, repeated calendar notes, Training folder of 20 predefined icon options)
  • Chinese Lunar Date
  • 5 Games

Dual Band OperationEGSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 900/1800 dual-band networks in Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. Automatic switching between the bands.

Power Management:
Battery Talk time Stand-by time Charging time
Standard Battery BLB-2, 750 mAh Li-Ion 2 h 20 min – 3 h 50 min 60 – 170 h ACP-7/3 h ACP-8/2 h 10 min

Nokia 5210 - 2001

04 septembrie 2019