Designed with today’s changing lifestyles in mind, the Nokia 6185i combines the benefits of multiple products and enhanced features that reach far beyond those of traditional wireless phones. The Nokia 6185i includes a feature called “Profiles,” which offers a selection of phone settings, such as “Silent,” “Meeting” or “Outdoor,” for use in different environments. The phone also features a high-resolution illuminated display, Caller ID sensitive ringing tones that can be assigned to 20 important callers, an alarm clock, calendar and four electronic games.

Technology: CDMA 1900, AMPS

Features / Functions

  • Calendar with reminders.
  • Call register of dialed, received, and missed calls.
  • Alarm clock, calculator and calendar.
  • 4 games.
  • Internal vibrating alert .
  • Internal modem.
  • Multiple languages (English, Spanish, French, Portugese, Chinese, Hebrew).
  • 40 ringing tones.
  • 4 different color covers.
  • Phone book stores up to 200 entries.

Nokia 6185i -1999

10 martie 2021