Outstanding talk and standby time. Fully featured.

This lightweight, digital phone gives you one of the best talk times in the industry. Its versatile features deliver maximum performance. The convenient profile-setting feature – the ability to set the ringer to vibrate silently in meetings (with vibrating battery – sold separately) or ring loudly in airports and other noisy venues – lets you stay in command. With the Nokia 6190, you can personalize the phone’s alerts to fit your needs and surroundings. Its digital technology gives you enhanced sound quality and call privacy. Plus, you can increase your productivity by using special accessories for sending and receiving e-mail, faxes and short messages.

Long Lasting, Lightweight and Small

  • 3 to 5 hours of talk time with standard battery
  • 2.5 to 9 days of standby time with standard battery
  • Size : 132 x 47 x 31 mm
  • Weight : 167g

Fully Featured

  • Phone book will store up to 250 names and numbers
  • 4 entertaining games
  • Calculator, clock and calendar
  • Currency converter
  • Send and receive text messages just like a pager
  • Versatile range of optional accessories for home, office and auto, such as Data Suite software.


  • 35 Distinctive ring tones
  • Customizable profile settings to match your environment
  • 3 Unique “chameleon” colors
  • 6100 Screensaver


  • GSM 1900
  • Analog service available with the Plus Module accessory
  • Sold by:BellSouth Mobility DCS, Pacific Bell Wireless, Powertel, Voice Stream and others


  • Auto redial
  • Business Card
  • Calendar/event reminder
  • Caller ID
  • Clock with alarm
  • Dialed, received, missed calls
  • Digital Data
  • E-mail
  • Fax
  • Keypad lock
  • Message indicators
  • Mobile Originated SMS
  • Multi-party calling
  • Numeric paging capability
  • On-screen battery indicator
  • One-touch credit card dialing
  • Phone book
  • Profile settings
  • Ring tones
  • SIM
  • Short message service
  • Voicemail capability
Battery Type Analog Digital Analog Digital
Extended Li-lon Battery (BLS-2N) up to1h 30m-3h up to3h-5h up to16h-26h up to60h-225h
Ultra Extended Li-lon Battery (BLS-4) up to2h 45m-5h up to5h-8h up to26h-44h up to100h-375h
Extended NiMH Battery (BMS-2S) up to1h 30m-3h up to3h-5h up to16h-26h up to60h-225h
Extended NiMH Vibra Battery (BMS-2V) up to1h 30m-3h up to3h-5h up to16h-26h up to60h-225h
Ultra Slim Li-Polymer Battery (BPS-1) up to1h-2h up to2h-3h20m up to10h-17h up to40h-144h

Nokia 6190 - 1997

04 septembrie 2019