Unique and attractive

  • Look your best with the stylish and compact ergonomic design of your phone. Lightweight and compact without sacrificing performance!
  • Enjoy the convenience of side volume keys and internal vibration.
  • Locate keys easily thanks to the two colors on your keyboard. Screen with white backlight for easy viewing
  • Visualize your data in graphical display illuminated (white light) of 96x 65 pixels.
  • Xpress-on ™ and user-changeable keyboards

Effective messaging

  • Moving messages. Communicate with text messages (SMS)
  • Sign your messages with ease thanks to the comfortable keyboard, soft keys and directional. All you need to manage your phone with ease!
  • Write your messages quickly using the role of predictive text.
  • Mobile Internet (Openwave Browser 4.1)

Convenience to your fingertips

  • Stores up to 500 contacts in the phonebook. You can even record email addresses!
  • You’ll never fall asleep due to its handy alarm clock flashing. You do not need an alarm clock!
  • Perform mathematical operations quickly and accurately with a calculator in your phone.
  • Sign reminders and notes in your handy calendar and organize your life!

Fun and customizable

  • Have fun with your 5 games: Snake II, Space Impact, Pass’ n Rush, Bumper and Racket. And Thrill with the vibration effect shock!
  • Customize your profile to suit your environment and lifestyle. You can even choose timed profiles!
  • Choose from their pre-installed ring tones or download up to 10 new to your liking.
  • Personalize your phone with captivating colors of Xpress-on changeable covers TM


  • Volume: 66 cc
  • Weight: 109.78 g
  • Length: 102.4 mm
  • Width: 45 mm
  • Thickness: 17.6 mm

Battery Performance

  • BLB-3 Battery Standard Li-Ion 1000 mAh
    • Talk time: up to 2 hours 45 min.
    • Standby time: up to 5 days.

Nokia 8280 - RH-10 - 2002

15 august 2021