The Nokia 880 GSM phone is the result of advanced research and product development work. It is one of the smallest and lightest cellular phones in the market, yet designed to endure years and years of rugged use. Its casing can withstand impacts and falls, and its compact and practical fixed antenna is durable and guarantees better connections.

The Nokia 880 has everything you need to enjoy the ever-increasing GSM network services. Yet all the features of the phone are accessible to you in the easiest possible way. The interface between you and your Nokia 880 is the large display window which guides you through all the functions step by step with clear help texts.

Nokia 880 offers several battery options. The standard battery keeps your phone standing by for up to 30 hours and can be fast-charged in less than an hour. The extended battery gives as much as 80 hours of standby. Snap on the feather-light battery, and your phone weighs only 196 grams. Finally, a vibrating battery gives a silent alarm through your pocket when a call comes.

The Nokia chargers are designed to be just as portable as your Nokia phone. As soon as you plug in a charger, your phone is ready for making calls – even when the battery is flat.

The large Nokia 880 display shows you up to three lines of text at a glance. This makes it a perfect choice when you want to use the new Short Message Service (SMS). The keys next to the display guide you through the names, numbers and menu options – just follow the texts on the display. You can even shorten the menus to show only the functions that you use the most often. You can answer the phone by pressing any key. The keyguard function locks the keypad to prevent accidental dialling.

The Nokia 880 is also an ideal tool for wireless data communications via the GSM-network. It enables you to send and receive telefaxes, e-mail and data files anywhere in the network. You can even connect to your office LAN and public information services on the Internet, for example. With the right accessories, the Nokia 880 is compatible with most of today’s portable computers – including small palmtop organizers. The phone can be efficiently used as a personal phonebook to store names and phone numbers. Nokia CellularWare (at club.Nokia) is the software to enable the use of a PC for such information management.

Naturally, the Nokia 880 can also be transformed into a complete car phone. The accessories include external antennas for better audibility, hands-free equipment for safety and comfort, and a separate handset for privacy. For occasional use in any vehicle, all you need is a cigarette lighter charging cable and perhaps a dashboard holder to keep the phone within easy reach.

The Nokia 880 is loaded with features that give you easy access to present and future GSM services. These built-in features are complemented by a host of original Nokia Accessories that help you make the most of your Nokia 880 phone in various circumstances. The Nokia 880 is top class technology in a small and durable case.


Recommended for

  • Durable GSM phone for rugged use

Key benefits

  • Large, informative display
  • User-friendly keypad
  • Automatic menu help texts
  • New GSM features for future network services
  • Full range of accessories
  • Advanced power management

Key specifications

  • Weight 196 g
  • Talk time up to 7 h
  • Standby time up to 80 h
  • Dimensions : 160 x 58 x 25 mm
  • Network : GSM900

Nokia 880 - NHE-4BX -1995

15 august 2021