• Illuminated full graphics display
  • Up to 4 lines for text, numbers and graphics
  • Dynamic display for large/small font
  • Permanent signal and battery status indicators


  • International access (+) function
  • Keyguard to protect against accidental dialing

Call management

  • Voice mailbox button
  • Various speed dialling methods
  • Automatic call repeat
  • Easy Dial keys; two names accessible under soft keys
  • Any key answering, including volume button.
  • Call/fax divert, separate for fax and voice
  • Display number or name of incoming caller
  • Disable/enable display of own number in receiving phones or connected calls
  • Advanced tone dialling (DTMF) features
  • Permanent network selection
  • Conference calling (1+5 persons)

Memory functions

  • Memory: 249 names and numbers (50 in phone, up to 199 in SIM card)
  • Easy memory management on PC with Nokia CellularWare
  • Page function: 3 names shown when scrolling memory
  • 10 last numbers dialled/received/missed

Short message service

  • Send and receive SMS messages
  • Class 0, 1, 2, 3 type messages supported
  • Return Call Type Message; easy to call number in message
  • Sent message delivery report
  • Display 4 x 13 characters
  • Cell Broadcast
  • Quick SMS message send/receive on PC with Nokia CellularWare

Smart messaging

  • Acess to Internet via Netgate without PC or modem
  • Service Specific Interfaces
  • Receive services and ringing tones over the air
  • Send name and phone number to other phones

Security and Cost control

  • Programmable security level and code
  • Various call barring possibilities
  • Setting of cost limit to outgoing calls
  • Last and cumulative call duration and charge
  • Possibility to allow calls to pre-defined numbers only
  • Closed user group

Optional controls

  • Texts in 19 languages
  • Automatic menu language selection if supported by SIM
  • 16 selectable ringing tones
  • Dedicated ringing tones
  • Selectable ringing volume, including silent alert with flashing lights
  • One dynamically changeable ringing tone
  • Wake-up message

GSM data transmission

  • Supports 9600 bps via Nokia Cellular Data Card
  • Send and receive telefaxes, e-mail and files
  • Connects to most of today´s notebook PCs
  • Mobile Terminated Unstructured Supplementary Services


  • Weight: 152 g
  • Dimensions: 141 x 48 x 25 mm

Nokia nk502 - 1997

02 septembrie 2019