Main specifications

  • Colors : Blue velvet, Silver putty
  • Dimensions : approx. H111 x W44 x D18 mm
  • Weight : approx. 77 g
  • Battery : Lithium Ion Battery
  • Continuous stand-by time : approx. 270 hours
  • Continuous call time : approx. 130 min.
  • Charging time : approx. 155 min.

Slide to it!

  • Just “slide” down to receive an incoming call.
  • Just “slide” up to end a call.
  • It can easily be done with one finger.
  • The benefit of the “slide” has been proven by Nokia users across the globe.
  • Fully extending the “slide” brings the microphone to your mouth.
  • The microphone in the tip of the “slide” comes right to your mouth, enabling you to speak naturally without having to raise your voice.


Infrared Communication

  • This cellular phone enables you to transmit data and mail messages to and from PCs or PDAs without using cables.
  • At the same time data communications are possible between two NM502is, or between the NM502i and the NM207.
  • There is no need to buy and carry data cards and cables. Following objects are exchanged:
    • Registered telephone numbers
    • calendar notes
    • user’s telephone number information
    • i-mode mail messages

Compact i-mode

  • This i-mode phone is extraordinarily compact.
  • The i-mode button is located, on the side of the phone, where your finger falls when you grip the phone. Just push the button, and the i-mode menu appears.
  • Only the NM502i offers bilingual (Japanese and English) i-mode support.
  • You can easily enjoy i-melody, i-animation and downloading.
  • You can easily bookmark those i-mode sites that you frequent regularly.


Contents Portal Service

This is an on-line service that allows you to use a variety of services, provided by the many Information Service Providers(ISPs). It is extremely easy to use. For example, you can use banking and ticketing services with i-mode.

Internet access

You can view an i-mode-compatible homepage(homepages that have not been created using i-mode-compatible tags and GIFs will not be properly displayed) by entering the address into an i-mode cellular phone, to access the internet.


i-mode mail

This is a service designed for mail exchange between i-mode cellular phones. You can use this service to send mail to another i-mode subscriber or e-mail via the internet.



  • Up to 500 entries in total can be stored in the Phonebook.
  • One Phonebook entry can contain a name, up to 4 phone numbers, a note, an e-mail address and a voice tag.
  • You can create secret Phonebook entries which can only be accessed using your security code number.

YO-BE-BA Function

  • You can place a call using the voice recognition function. Record the voice tag, then, to place a call.
  • Press YO-BE-BA button and speak aloud the name of the person you want to call.
  • You can record up to 25 voice-tagged phone numbers.

Ring tones

  • You can choose a ring tone from 21 melodies.
  • You can also download pre-composed ring tones from the internet using i-mode, and compose your own ring tones with the ring tone composer.
  • You can set a different ring tone for each group.


Icon/Animation display

  • An animation appears on the screen to alert you of a call and then icons and animations are displayed on the screen so that you can check the status of various functions at a glance.
  • You can also download your favorite images.


Vibration alert

  • The NM502i can alert you by vibrating.
  • You can choose from three types and set a different type for each group.



  • When you cannot answer a call, a greeting message is played and the caller’s message is recorded.
  • A maximum of 18 messages with an approximate total of 60 seconds can be recorded.

Voice memo

  • You can record the voice of the person that you are calling during a call, or you can record your own voice when the NM502i is in the idle state.

Call quality alarm

  • An alarm is sounded, prior to a call being terminated due to poor reception


  • You can check a specific date and create up to 50 calendar notes to assign to specific times and dates.
  • Calendar notes can be exchanged between NM502i units, or data can be exchanged between the NM502i and a PC by IR communications.

Voice commands

  • You can access a range of useful NM502i functions by voice command.

Infrared(IR) communications

  • You can use the infrared communications function to exchange data between NM502i units, or between the NM502i and a PC.
  • Data that can be exchanged includes: Phonebook entries, calendar notes, own phone number and i-mode mail.

Modes function

  • This function allows you to set any one of five different modes, including Manner mode, depending on how and where you want to use the NM502i.

Bilingual function

  • The menu and text can be displayed in English or Japanese.


  • You can set a time for the alarm to sound.


  • Use this function if you have difficulties using your NM502i.


Network Services

  • Voice Mail Service:The Voice Mail Service Center takes all messages from callers.
  • Call Waiting Service: You can accept a call while in another call.
  • Call Forwarding Service: You can transfer all incoming calls to a designated phone number.
  • Fax-Retrieving Service: The Fax Service Center receives all fax messages from callers.
  • i-mode: You can use on-line services that include the contents protal service, i-mode mail and internet access.


  • Color: Blue velvet silver patty
  • Size: 111 mm x 44 mm x 18 mm
  • Weight: 77g
  • Battery: Lithium ion electric battery
  • Stand by: Approximately 270 hours
  • Talk time: Approximately 130 minutes
  • Charge time: Approximately 155 minutes
  • Service: PDC 1.5GHz

Memory function

  • Memo redial (500 cases)
  • Memory group function (20 groups)
  • Chinese character memory
  • One-touch dial (10 cases)
  • Two touch dial (10 cases)
  • Redial memory (10 cases)
  • Absent arrival past record (10 cases)
  • Arrival past record (10 cases)
  • Voice tag equipped memory (25 cases)
  • Audio command (20 cases)
  • Secret memory

When dispatching the convenient function which is used

  • YO BE BA – speech recognition dial (25 cases)
  • House-sit telephone quick touch dial
  • One touch redial

When arriving the convenient function which is used

  • Message memo
  • Vibrator (3 types)
  • Arrival sound selection (21 types)
  • Silent service
  • [sutetsuputonkontoru]
  • [enikiansa]
  • Active slide
  • Arrival group idea contest (11 types)
  • Arrival animation (1 types)
  • Arrival denial function

While speaking by telephone the convenient function which is used

  • Audio filter function
  • Noise canceler
  • While speaking by telephone menu
  • Mute function
  • [uisupa] function
  • Subjective transmission quality alarm
  • Re-connection function

i mode function

  • e-mail address register (500 cases)
  • Reception mail retention (50 cases)
  • Transmission mail retention (30 cases)
  • Definite form sentence (20 cases)
  • Message R retention (40 cases)
  • Message F retention (20 cases)
  • Book mark (40 cases)
  • Picture memo (99 cases)

Clock & calendar

  • Digital clock indication
  • Alarm timer
  • Calendar display function (monthly, weekly and day unit)
  • Reminder function (50 cases)
  • At the time of power source off alarm function (reminder and for alarm)

Function concerning display indication

  • High resolution display
  • Power source on/off animation
  • Big display (106×111 pixel)
  • 6 line 8 full size letter indications
  • Bilingual function (Japanese/English)
  • [meinmeniyuanimeshiyonaikon] extensions

Game function

  • Game (3 types: Opposite, racket and space impact)

Mode function

  • 5 modes
  • One-touch manner mode
  • One-touch drive mode

IrMS interface (infrared ray interface)

  • Modem built-in
  • Object exchange (memo redial, calendar note and e-mail)

Merit of hardware

  • Whip antenna
  • 16 core connectors
  • Hyper talk
  • 2 colors LED (red/green)
  • Illumination setting for economical electric power

In addition

  • 9600bps data /FAX communication
  • DTMF transmission function
  • Key guard
  • Dial lock
  • Telephone call time/fee indication

Addition service

  • i mode
  • One-touch drive mode service
  • FAX it is service
  • Originator number indication service
  • Re-connection hand off
  • Number plus
  • Short mail service (only dispatch)
  • House-sit telephone service
  • Transfer telephone service
  • Three person telephone call services
  • Information gate service
  • Call-waiting telephone service

Nokia NM502i - 2000

23 aprilie 2021